Get support

It can be hard going being a young person with a sexuality or gender different to the norm.

Here is a list of other organisations and places you can get support from all around New Zealand.

E-mail us at to get your organisation listed. Check out the I’m Local website to find out about groups near you.

OUTline – call 0800 688 5463 to speak to someone from our community trained to support you!

Gender Minorities Aotearoa – national and Wellington based resources for gender minorities

Breaking Boundaries – a national online forum, Auckland arts based events and more!

FreedHearts Aotearoa New Zealand  – Parents of LGBT Youth Portal Facebook Group

NZ Parents of Transgender and Gender Diverse Children – Portal Facebook Group

Intersex Youth Aotearoa

Rainbow Youth – Auckland

Rainbow Collective – South Auckland

School’s Out – Wellington

WhangaReinbow – Whangarei

Q-Topia – Christchurch

WaQuY – Waikato


Q-Youth – Nelson

QCentral – Rotorua

BeUnique – Hawke’s Bay

Closet Space Whanganui

Spectrum – Marlborough

Chroma Initiative – Southland

Alphabet Soup – Dunedin

Transgender and Intersex NZ – all ages facebook support group

Naming New Zealand – helping trans youth in Wellington to update their identity documents

TraNZgear – binders etc for trans youth