InsideOUT has published three resources aimed at supporting young people of minority sexualities, genders and sex characteristics to be safe at school. All our resources are available free as a PDF or physical copies can be ordered.

Click here to place an order – the cost ranges from free to $5 per resource depending on your need. E-mail with any queries, or to access the print-version of one of our resources.

More Resources For School Staff

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Students – Inclusive Education Guides For Schools

Inside Out – Sexuality and Gender Video Teaching Resource

PPTA Rainbow Taskforce

Ministry of Education Sexuality Guidelines

Ministry of Education Bullying Prevention and Response Guidelines

Youth 12 Transgender Report

Youth 12 Young People Attracted To The Same Sex/Both Sexes Report

How Safe Are Our Schools – An Analysis of the Current Policy Framework Aimed At Protecting Our Queer Young People In Schools