Speak Out Radio


InsideOUT runs a radio show, Speak Out – with Wellington Access Radio on 783AM, playing live on Wednesday 6pm every fortnight. Afterwards the episodes are uploaded here as podcasts so you can stream them online any time. Speak Out covers local and international news and events, interviews and discussion, music by LGBTQIA+ artists, reviews, live performances and more.

Previous Episodes:

Episode 35 – 12th April
Rosie and Jay discuss the recent GLAAD Media awards and some of their highlights among recent queer media! They chat about InsideOUT’s upcoming Shift Hui and Transgender Day of Visibility.

Episode 34 – 29th March
Alex and Rosie chat about InsideOUT’s upcoming Shift Hui and some international trans and intersex news. Featuring music from The Breeders and Rufus Wainwright.

Episode 33 – 15th March
Rosie and Nate share some news, thoughts on Moonlight and the current Wellington Pride Festival. Featuring music from Courtney Barnett, Powerbottom, Womb and more!

Episode 32 – 1st March
Alex and Rosie share some news and Tabby and Vee interview Sara Quin from Tegan and Sara about her thoughts on NZ, the current Love You To Death Tour, the new Tegan and Sara Foundation and more!

Episode 31 – January 18th
Alex reviews international bestseller ‘No Logo’ and talks about postgenderism. Plus Tabby and Vee bring you an exciting giveaway to win tickets to Tegan and Sara in Auckland!

Episode 20 – January 4th
Alex shares some of his favourite news sources and upcoming events for 2017.

Episode 19 – December 21st
Eloise and Helen talk about being queer during the holiday period and some of the celebrities that came out in 2016.

Episode 18 – 23rd November
Alex and Tabby talk about politics post the US election, queer theatre project Galathea: Into The Bush and play some songs from trans artists.

Episode 17 – 9th November
Alex recaps Asexual Awareness Day and Intersex Awareness Day and shares some study tips for procrastinators!

Episode 16 – 12th October
Alex and Connor interview Gareth Watkins from PrideNZ.com –  an online community resource of over 700 audio interviews and event recordings documenting rainbow culture in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Episode 15 – 28th September

Alex, Eloise and Helen catch up on local and international news and talk about diverse gender expression and our relationships with our bodies.

Episode 14 – 31st August

Alex brings some local and international news and talks to some of Wellington’s QSA Leaders about why they’re taking part in the Day of Silence campaign and reactions in their schools.

Episode 13 – 17th August

Alex discusses an incident of transphobia from Auckland Transport, our upcoming Day of Silence campaign and plays some tunes!

Episode 12 – 3rd August

Cathy and Ellen talk about some of the queer literature and film that influenced them while they were discovering their sexualities.


Episode 11 – 20th July

Alex and Bella chat about their experience submitting to the Youth Parliament select committee on making schools safer for LGBTQIA+ students and some of their favourite acts of self care!

Episode 10 – 6th July 2016

Alex talks about celebrating Te Wiki o te Reo Māori/Māori Language Week as a Pākeha person.

Episode 9 – 8th June 2016

Tabby and Cathy talk about femme identities and femmephobia within queer and trans communities! Featuring music from Mary Lambert and Hex.

Episode 8 – 25th May 2016
Alex brings a guest onto the show to talk about being a good ally!

Episode 7 – 27th April

Alex and Eloise talk about the history of language in LGBTQIA+ communities!

Episode 6 – 13th April

Alex, Bella and Tabby talk about Shift Hui, Trans Day of Visibility and more!



Episode 5 – 30th March
Alex, Eloise and Ellen bring us a discussion on minority sexualities in the rainbow community, taking a closer look at the invisibility of bisexual and asexual people in particular.

Episode 4 – 16th March

 Alex recaps Wellington Pride 2016!

Episode 3 – 2nd March
Glittery beards, Nate shares what it’s like being a trans patient in hospital, toast that’s turned back to bread, healthcare experiences as queer and trans people, tunes from St Vincent and what’s coming up in Wellington Pride!


Episode 2 – 17th February

An episode on queer and trans musicians, highlights from some of our favourite artists and an interview with NZ artist LarzRanda!

Episode 1 – 3rd February

Our first episode of InsideOUT Radio – meet some of our team and hear Mumma Bella’s advice on telling your boyfriend you’re bisexual!