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InsideOUT runs a radio show, Speak Out – with Wellington Access Radio on 106.1FM, playing live on Wednesday 6pm every fortnight. Afterwards the episodes are uploaded here as podcasts so you can stream them online any time. Speak Out covers local and international news and events, interviews and discussion, music by LGBTQIA+ artists, reviews, live performances and more.

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Previous Episodes:

Episode 76 – December 18th

Brit and Compass chat about InsideOUTs growth and their own personal growth that has happened in 2019 and what will be happening in the new decade

Episode 75 – December 4th

Shay and Compass talk about gifts, consumer culture and top tips on how to survive the holiday season

Episode 74 – November 20th

Shay and Compass chat about their experiences with being trans in honour of trans awareness week & trans remembrance day.

Episode 73 – November 6th

The one and only Will Hansen chats to Compass about preserving and creating trans history, how resistance and language in the trans community have developed and how we can start to heal the rifts in our community.

Episode 72 – October 23rd

In honour of asexual awareness week, Alex chats with Compass about what being asexual means, different kinds of attraction and what it’s like to be ace in the rainbow community.

Some resources:

Asexuality New Zealand Trust


Some terminology

Further resources

Episode 71 – October 9th

for ADHD awareness month Maggie, Jaye and Compass discuss their experiences with having ADHD and some of its lesser-known symptoms.

Last years ADHD episode is Episode 51

Episode 70 – September 25th

Compass and Neo chat about their experiences with being disabled and how being disabled and rainbow intersect.

Episode 69 – September 11th

For Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, Jaye and Brit share the Pakiwaitara behind Pounamu and Hine-nui-te-Po, their own personal journies with learning te Reo and why te Reo Māori is so important.

To go to the Kupu website press here

Episode 68 – August 28th

Sophie, Connor and Charlie chat to Compass about their experiences with identifying as bisexual, coming out and biphobia.

Episode 67 – August 14th

With Day of Silence on the horizon, Compass chats to Brit and Jaye about their experiences with being Takatapui and the marginalisation of Māori voices.

Episode 66 – July 31st

This week on Speak Out, Compass talks about their struggles with perfectionism and how they have tried to overcome it.

Episode 65 – July 17th

Emlyn and Compass get real about what it’s like for them to be non-binary.

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Episode 64 – July 3rd

Compass chats with Alex from Ending HIV about what HIV is, all of the stigma that comes with having HIV, and how to get tested and stay protected.

For more info about Ending HIV go to: https://endinghiv.org.nz

 You can listen to the HIV/AIDS episodes of This Podcast Will Kill You wherever you get your podcasts.

Episode 63 – June 19th

Compass chats with Erin, the coordinator for Out on the Shelves, where they talk about how important it is to see representation in books and how you can get involved. For more info about Out on the Shelves go to: http://www.outontheshelves.insideout.org.nz/

Episode 62 – June 5th

Emlyn discusses Pride month and the importance of inclusivity, resisting gatekeeping and supporting your Queer Community members.

Episode 61 – May 8th

Compass discusses Shift Hui 2019 and how important it is to Rainbow young people before jumping into IDAHBAT and Pink shirt day.

Episode 60 – April 24th

Emlyn talks about queer relationships in the media and in real life, the positives, the negatives and its history.

Episode 59 – April 10th

Neo discusses Psychosis, its symptoms and their own personal experience with having Psychosis.

Episode 58 – March 27th

Compass discusses the terrorist in Christchurch and talks about the racism, ableism and other prejudices that are in our community that we have to combat.

Episode 57 – February 27th

Compass talks about the history of the Stonewall riots and the impact this had in Aotearoa.

Episode 56 – February 13th

Emlyn and Jiabao talk about queer and trans representation in film – common themes like ‘bury your gays’ and some recommendations for good films!

Episode 55 – January 2nd

Compass talks about the importance of labels and terminology in rainbow communities.

Episode 54 – December 5th

Compass talks about disability awareness and fa’afafine week, and the importance of visibility and community.

Episode 53 – 21st November

Alex talks about trans awareness week.

Episode 52 – 7th November

Compass chats with Mani Mitchell about what it means to be Intersex and how we can support Intersex people

Episode 51 – 10th October

Compass and Maggie talk about their experiences with ADHD and give some top tips for those with ADHD or those supporting them

Episode 50 – 26th September

Emlyn joins Speak Out for the first time to share reflections for Bisexuality Awareness Week,  including breaking down some stereotypes and sharing some of their own experiences as a bisexual person. They share artists from bi/pan artists including Janelle Monae, Jason Mraz and Panic at the Disco.


Episode 49 – 12th September

Ko Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori, me te reo maori te kaupapa o tenei wiki. Ko Brit raua ko Alex nga kaikorero i tenei wiki. Ko Hamene me Peretānia nga kainga o nga tupuna a Alex. Ko Engarangi me te motu Kai Tahu nga kainga o nga tupuna a Brit. Mau to matou reo maori!

Episode 48 – 29th August

Rosie updates us on all things rainbow relevant and plays some good tunes!

Episode 47 – 15th August

Alice and Compass interview The Candle Wasters about queerness, mental wellbeing, and representation in their webseries after the launch of Tragicomic!

Episode 46 – 1st August

Compass talks about Day of Silence, how to get involved and what it’s about & about Carmen Rupe and Marsha P Johnson and their activism work and why it’s important to be an activist with some lit queer songs.

Episode 45 – 18th July

Brittany chats about Matariki & being takatāpui, plays some songs from the ‘Rainbow Roadie’ Spotify playlist and they even go on a wild tangent about sharing ‘goodness’.

Episode 44 – 4th July

In this episode Compass and Alex escape from the midwinter cold to discuss how non-binary identities are represented (and not represented!) in the media, and debunk some of the myths that surround them. People often think that non-binary identities are a recent ‘trend’, but looking at how gender is expressed in non-Western cultures disproves this completely. And as usual, we also play some groovy tunes from our favourite musical artists.

Episode 43 – 20th June

Hilary interviews Emmett Roberts about InsideOUT’s latest epic project, Out on the Shelves, an online reading resource connecting rainbow young people with the stories that represent them. We chat about our favourite queer books, what libraries mean to us and how people from all over the country can get involved during Out on the Shelves’ campaign week and beyond. Featuring songs from Lizzo, Ingrid Michaelson and The Magnetic Fields.

Episode 42 – 6th June

Rosie, Josh and Compass reflect on the reason why June is Pride month, the PrideNZ walking tours in Wellington and the New Zealand rainbow icons honoured on Queen’s Birthday. They also discuss the Government’s Mental Health Inquiry, specifically OutLoud Aotearoa, a campaign that shines a spotlight on the rainbow community’s experiences with Aotearoa’s mental health services, as well as their wishes for the future in this area. Songs played: Boyish by Japanese Breakfast, Bless ur Heart by serpentwithfeet and Water Guns by Todrick Hall.

Episode 41 –  9th May

Tabby and special guest Theta have a chat about Janelle Monae’s new album, Dirty Computer, and the meaning it has to queer communities.

Episode 40 – 28th March

Rosie and Hilary speak about Transgender Week of Awareness, InsideOUT’s upcoming rainbow reading project and other bits and bobs!

Episode 39 – 14th March

Rosie chats about what’s going on around NZ and the world in relation to rainbow community issues and young people.

Episode 38 – 6th December

Episode 37 – 22nd November

Episode 36 – 8th November

Laura, Nikaore and Aishani have a chat about what InsideOUT’s been up to over the last two weeks! They discuss the Glitter and Gold Senior’s Week Afternoon Tea and sharing stories with elders in our community – did you know there used to be a lesbian bar on Vivian Street? The team wrap up reflecting on InsideOUT’s fifth birthday party, with the InsideOUT song live on air by Nikaore!

Episode 35 – 11th October

Maggie and Rosie chat about alcohol and drug use in queer communities and fill you in on events coming up with InsideOUT.

Episode 34 – 27th September

Rosie talks about the general election and Bisexual Awareness Week. She covers bisexuality around the world, bisexual celebrities, artists and advocates, plus some tunes from bi artists!

Episode 33 – 13th September

Lilly and Brit catch us up on InsideOUT’s coming events, chat about Māori Language Week/Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori and stories of takatāpui!

Episode 32 – 30th August

Rosie and Alfie debrief the rainbow election forum, featuring members of different political parties answering questions from the rainbow community.

Episode 31 – 16th August

Alfie and Rosie cover the upcoming Day of Silence 2017 and other queer news – like The Warehouse’s new transgender policy supporting their employees!

Episode 30 – 2nd August

Rosie has a chat to Nate about his new role at the New Zealand Aids Foundation with lots of handy info about what they do, how to get an HIV test and more!

Episode 29 – 19th July

Maggie and Alfie discussed parliament’s apology for homosexual criminalisation and had a chat about The L Word, movies and events coming up.

Episode 28 – 5th July

Rosie and Nate chat about the history behind why June is Pride Month in so many parts of the world, connecting to the Stonewall Riots. They also look at local news including the All Black who spoke out about homophobia, the Big Sleep Out coming up in Auckland and LGBTQ+ films in the upcoming NZ International Film Festival.

Episode 27 – 23th May

Alex brings us a music-themed episode on artist Sigur Ros and looks at some upcoming events – Pink Shirt Day, Youth Week and Storytime for Social Change!

Episode 26 – 10th May

Lilly and Kate host us for a re-cap of InsideOUT’s Shift Hui 2017! Featuring a poem from Cole Meyers.

Episode 25 – 12th April

Rosie and Jay discuss the recent GLAAD Media awards and some of their highlights among recent queer media! They chat about InsideOUT’s upcoming Shift Hui and Transgender Day of Visibility.

Episode 24 – 29th March

Alex and Rosie chat about InsideOUT’s upcoming Shift Hui and some international trans and intersex news. Featuring music from The Breeders and Rufus Wainwright.

Episode 23 – 15th March

Rosie and Nate share some news, thoughts on Moonlight and the current Wellington Pride Festival. Featuring music from Courtney Barnett, Powerbottom, Womb and more!

Episode 22 – 1st March

Alex and Rosie share some news and Tabby and Vee interview Sara Quin from Tegan and Sara about her thoughts on NZ, the current Love You To Death Tour, the new Tegan and Sara Foundation and more!

Episode 21 – January 18th

Alex reviews international bestseller ‘No Logo’ and talks about postgenderism. Plus Tabby and Vee bring you an exciting giveaway to win tickets to Tegan and Sara in Auckland!

Episode 20 – January 4th

Alex shares some of his favourite news sources and upcoming events for 2017.

Episode 19 – December 21st

Eloise and Helen talk about being queer during the holiday period and some of the celebrities that came out in 2016.

Episode 18 – 23rd November

Alex and Tabby talk about politics post the US election, queer theatre project Galathea: Into The Bush and play some songs from trans artists.

Episode 17 – 9th November

Alex recaps Asexual Awareness Day and Intersex Awareness Day and shares some study tips for procrastinators!

Episode 16 – 12th October

Alex and Connor interview Gareth Watkins from PrideNZ.com –  an online community resource of over 700 audio interviews and event recordings documenting rainbow culture in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Episode 15 – 28th September

Alex, Eloise and Helen catch up on local and international news and talk about diverse gender expression and our relationships with our bodies.

Episode 14 – 31st August

Alex brings some local and international news and talks to some of Wellington’s QSA Leaders about why they’re taking part in the Day of Silence campaign and reactions in their schools.

Episode 13 – 17th August

Alex discusses an incident of transphobia from Auckland Transport, our upcoming Day of Silence campaign and plays some tunes!

Episode 12 – 3rd August

Cathy and Ellen talk about some of the queer literature and film that influenced them while they were discovering their sexualities.

Episode 11 – 20th July

Alex and Bella chat about their experience submitting to the Youth Parliament select committee on making schools safer for LGBTQIA+ students and some of their favourite acts of self care!

Episode 10 – 6th July 2016

Alex talks about celebrating Te Wiki o te Reo Māori/Māori Language Week as a Pākeha person.

Episode 9 – 8th June 2016

Tabby and Cathy talk about femme identities and femmephobia within queer and trans communities! Featuring music from Mary Lambert and Hex.

Episode 8 – 25th May 2016

Alex brings a guest onto the show to talk about being a good ally!

Episode 7 – 27th April

Alex and Eloise talk about the history of language in LGBTQIA+ communities!

Episode 6 – 13th April

Alex, Bella and Tabby talk about Shift Hui, Trans Day of Visibility and more!

Episode 5 – 30th March

Alex, Eloise and Ellen bring us a discussion on minority sexualities in the rainbow community, taking a closer look at the invisibility of bisexual and asexual people in particular.

Episode 4 – 16th March

Alex recaps Wellington Pride 2016!

Episode 3 – 2nd March

Glittery beards, Nate shares what it’s like being a trans patient in hospital, toast that’s turned back to bread, healthcare experiences as queer and trans people, tunes from St Vincent and what’s coming up in Wellington Pride!

Episode 2 – 17th February

An episode on queer and trans musicians, highlights from some of our favourite artists and an interview with NZ artist LarzRanda!

Episode 1 – 3rd February

Our first episode of InsideOUT Radio – meet some of our team and hear Mumma Bella’s advice on telling your boyfriend you’re bisexual!