Professional Development & Workshops

We offer professional development training and workshops on understanding sexuality and gender diversity, suitable for any school, organisation or workplace wanting to increase their awareness and become more inclusive and accommodating to LGBTQIA+ people.

We can also run sexuality and gender diversity education for health and wellbeing days in schools, depending on location.

Got something else in mind? Let us know! Our team have delivered a wide range of workshop on topics ranging from social media to leadership skills to panel discussions.

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Some of our previous clients have included:

  • Stats NZ
  • Public Sector Chief Executive’s
  • HELP Wellington
  • Zeal Wellington
  • Massey University
  • Midcentral DHB
  • Interpreting NZ
  • Youthline
  • Community Law

Some of the schools we’ve run professional development for include:

  • St Patrick’s College
  • Sacred Heart College
  • Totara Park School
  • Levin North School
  • Burnside High School
  • Sancta Maria College
  • Wellington Girls’ College

The great team from InsideOUT recently ran a workshop for part of the Senior Leadership Team at Stats New Zealand.  The Stats team had mixed levels of understanding and experience with Rainbow terms and perspectives, and yet all found we learned a lot no matter what our starting point of knowledge.  

What was particularly helpful was hearing the voice, via video clip, of the different members of the Rainbow community themselves, rather than the presenters filtering or summarising. It both informed and educated us, and in many cases opened our eyes to the size of both the challenge and the prize if we get it right.

Above all, the thing that made our session most valuable was the relaxed and fun attitude that Tabby and Alex brought to the session.  It made it safe and okay for us to speak openly, to make mistakes and to show how little some of us knew in some areas.  And we actually had fun and shared some laughs while we learned about a serious topic. I would highly recommend InsideOUT.

- Mark Sowden, Deputy Government Statistician and Deputy Chief Executive, Statistics New Zealand    

In my capacity as founder of Kate Sheppard Place Women, I hired InsideOUT as a brand consultant. I am a volunteer trying to run an event that is as diverse and inclusive as possible. As a cisgendered heterosexual woman I felt I had many blind spots and I was tone deaf to some of the things that could make this event relevant to the Rainbow Community. We reached out to InsideOUT and it was the best idea I had ever! Not only are they the smartest, hardest working group of people ever, they are also the kindest and warmest. They also have a message I feel everybody in New Zealand should listen to re how to best engage and communicate with youth, whānau, schools and communities to make Aotearoa a safer place for all young people of minority genders and sexualities to live and be in.

They came to each of our team meetings, provided insight and tips and were amazing to work with. They worked with us on our social media,  website and design of the event. They provided a workshop to help us better understand pronouns and all the different groups that are sexually and gender diverse. Tabby is a great leader and a visionary. My two cents is engage with them early, not at the end. Co-design with them – it’ll be the best decision you made.

- Natalia Albert, Founder of Kate Sheppard Place Women



I really appreciated the training delivered by Tabby and Emmett. It was well structured, well paced, and delivered in an accessible, non-judgmental way. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is at any stage of their understanding of gender and sexual diversity issues – as everyone will learn something.

- Conor Twyford, Manager, HELP Wellington Sexual Abuse Foundation



From the outset, their presentation was professional and non-threatening. With the use of both slides and videos they were able to deliver facts to staff that were clear and easy to understand. The delivery was informative and certainly raised our awareness of identities and experiences that our youth face on a daily basis.

Staff found the question and answer session at the end most useful. All questions, despite being challenging at times, were answered in a factual manner and in a way that was reassuring to staff. They reiterated the fact that, at times, we will get it wrong with some people and that that is okay. Awareness and practice will make a difference.

The presentation enables us to reflect on our current practices and we were left with some good practical ideas for moving forward, and resources that will be useful to assist us in our journey. Since the session, staff have shared other resources with each other and discussions around our practice have been generated in the staffroom – all of this is very positive.

I would like to thank both Tabby and Bronwyn for both their presentation and their support of our group at school. We appreciate all that they are doing to care for our youth.

- Maria Potter, Principal, Sacred Heart College Lower Hutt