Pōwhiri Guide Book

Cover image of Pōwhiri Guidebook
InsideOUT’s Pōwhiri Guide Book was created as an inclusive resource to support young people to understand what a pōwhiri is, and how a pōwhiri can be inclusive of takatāpui, whakawhahine, tangata ira tane and trans and gender diverse people given that gender roles are involved.

View or download the Pōwhiri Guide Book

The resource is free to be shared and used as it is, however we recommend always checking in with tangata whenua at the marae you are visiting around their inclusion/knowledge around gender diversity. Each marae may have different understandings, and it is best to have a conversation about this early on. You are welcome to use this resource as a tool to support these conversations, and we also recommend the resources at takatapui.nz

InsideOUT has found the resource really helpful to use in preparing a large group including many takatāpui, trans and gender diverse young people to take part in a pōwhiri as part of our annual Shift Hui at Horouta Marae in Porirua.