InsideOUT is always looking for new volunteers to get involved!

We are currently seeking:

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Youth Volunteers – we are always on the lookout for youth (under 27) to join our volunteer team. We need people with a range of skills and that great balance between organisers and creatives! Our volunteers take on all sorts of tasks including facilitating workshops, hosting our radio show, filming and editing, graphic design and supporting the running of events and campaigns.

The majority of our volunteering opportunities are based in Wellington, Palmerston North, Auckland and Canterbury but we invite you to get in touch if you live elsewhere and have skills/time to offer!

Interested in any of these roles? Got something else in mind? E-mail us at rosie@insideout.org.nz or send us a Facebook message to express your interest or get more info!

March 2020:

We have some fantastic opportunities to get involved in a vibrant and expanding national organisation working to make Aotearoa a safer place for rainbow young people.

We currently have one Executive Advisor Tangata Māori role (for someone over the age of 27) on the governance board of InsideOUT vacant, one Executive Advisor role (for someone over the age of 27) and one Treasurer/Youth Trustee (under the age of 27) role available.

Applicants in Wellington are preferred, however we will consider committed applicants from anywhere in Aotearoa. Read the information below to see if it’s right for you! You can learn about who is currently on our governance board here.

Our Executive Advisors make up four roles on the InsideOUT board who provide guidance and knowledge to the youth trustees. The role involves attending meetings, contributing to decisions, online conversations and mentoring the younger members of the board. The board takes care of the big picture stuff – overseeing our vision, setting our strategy, making big decisions, receiving reports on projects, contributing to financial planning, decisions around employment etc. 

Executive Advisors

InsideOUT is seeking an Executive Advisor (EA) and an Executive Advisor Tangata Māori to join our governance board in a voluntary capacity. The EA role provides an opportunity for people over the age of 27 to influence and support the work and growth of InsideOUT through mentoring and guiding the executive board.  InsideOUT primarily operates at the moment with a ‘for youth, by youth’ framework and we define ‘youth’ as under 27.  So our board is mostly made up of people under that age, who hold the officer positions of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and general board members. We then have up to four spaces at any time for people over the age of 27 to take on a role as an ‘Executive Advisor’ on the board, which in essence means being mindful not to take up too much space and let youth voices be heard, but to offer guidance and experience.

We currently have two executive advisor roles vacant, including a tangata whenua
executive advisor role.
Ideally the person in this role would have:

  • an understanding of/connection to experiences of being takatāpui or Rainbow and Māori
  • an understanding of the challenges young people of diverse sexuality, gender and sex characteristics face
  • experience working on a team, committee or rōpu, particularly in a governance role

In addition to this, executive advisor applicants with skills and experience in these areas are also desired (but not necessary):

  • experience in strategic planning
  • human resources and/or people management
  • experience in financial management
  • experience with fundraising, sponsorship, grants

As an executive advisor, you will also work as a board member. 


The main role of the Treasurer is to provide a monthly report to the board, with assistance from accounting software Xero. The treasurer also acts as a regular youth board member.

  • Oversees organisational finances in conjunction with Managing Director 
  • Oversees financial reports for board and budget in conjunction with Managing Director
  • Facilitation of the development of sustainable financial strategies
  • Responsible for ensuring the preparation of the end of year financial report
  • Obtaining a reviewed/audited report for the end of year financial position
  • Liaising with regards to funding needed, funding, income, and policy
  • Signatory for official endorsements and bank accounts of the organisation
  • Approval of expense spending, in absence of chair
  • Signing cheques as required
  • Lead the development of Annual Budget with the board
  • Involved in the account auditing/review process

Hours per month –10-15

The general role of a board member is to support the following processes:

  • Set and maintain vision, mission and values, and develop strategy
  • Establish and monitor relevant policies and procedures
  • Ensure moral and legal compliance and accountability with relevant organisations
  • Maintain proper fiscal oversight
  • Select, manage, and support staff in their roles, and evaluate performance
  • Maintain effective board performance through member conduct and utilising development opportunities
  • Promote InsideOUT as ambassadors and work to protect the reputation of the charity
  • Be familiar with the strengths and challenges that sexuality, sex and gender minority youth in Aotearoa face
  • Support InsideOUT to uphold our commitment to honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Represent the organisation in an official capacity as required
  • No experience required, however knowledge of InsideOUT and the structure of governance boards would be an advantage
  • Contribute to the vision, mission, and values of InsideOUT
  • Regular meeting attendance (Hours per month – 6 -15)

The ongoing commitments are:

  • Attending a three hour board meeting at a set time monthly (usually 6-9pm on the second Tuesday of each month)
  • Attending occasional additional meetings throughout the year eg. strategic planning days, trainings
  • Allowance for meeting one on one or in sub-committees with board members or staff as needed
  • Approximately up to one hours worth of responding to board business via e-mail weekly.

InsideOUT is an inclusive organisation and we value diversity. Applications will be considered regardless of ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, sexuality, physical or mental ability.

We’re hoping to find people who are able to commit for at least two years to these roles.

If you’re interested in applying, then the process is to send in a CV and cover letter/expression of interest letting us know why you want to be involved and what you might be able to offer to hello@insideout.org.nz by 29/03/20.

From there this is shared with the current board members and a couple of people from the board usually have an informal chat with applicants where we can give you more information about the role and get to know you a bit, and then make a recommendation to the board regarding appointment.