Maggie Shippam

Maggie is a 22 y.o queer cat obsessed individual. Being Irish is a large part of their identity, and they are currently learning Gaelic to connect more with their family. They are studying an Ecology and Psychology double major at Victoria University to pursue a career in conservation and animal behaviour in Aotearoa. They have been with Youthline for over 3 years, progressing to phone counselling and youth work, along with volunteering with School’s Out. They have connected with InsideOUT through their passion and drive for helping others and by being a role model for youth.




Aliyah Winter

Aliyah is a pākehā trans femme in her 20’s who currently lives in Wellington. She is a student and artist, and centres her community work around creative expression. She is passionate about trans culture, hirstory and representation and wants to see widespread institutional change as well as the end of violence against trans and gender nonconforming people.



Sophie Lake

Born and raised in Queenstown, Sophie is in her third year at Victoria University majoring in Development Studies and International Relations. She loves painting, drawing, making jewellery and writing and is passionate about LGBTQI equality, intersectional feminism and climate change. She became a volunteer with InsideOUT to promote and educate people about LGBTQI issues in New Zealand. Sophie also likes reading, coffee and collecting giant earrings.  

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Jewelia Howard

Jewelia is a queer art student focusing on drawing and printmaking. She loves books and pretty things and colour and glitter and jokes and wants the world to be a brighter, happier place. She’s all about intersectional feminism and making people feel comfortable to be who they are. She hopes to do her bit to help out in whatever small way she can to make things better for the community.


Molly Fisher

Molly identifies as a bisexual woman. Born and raised in Wellington, she has a BSc in Biology and in 2017 she is pursuing an honours degree in Psychology, with a focus on romantic relationships. While her current research uses data from predominantly heterosexual couples, she would like her future focus to be on lgbtqia+ couples and their romantic interactions. In her spare time, Molly loves to practice yoga, have a hit on the tennis court, and cook for friends and family.


Lilly Kin

Lilly is a third year undergrad from the mighty Hawkes Bay who moved to Wellington in search of all things music and culture fueled. First coming out as bisexual at the age of 15, it wasn’t until 2015 that she realised she was actually pansexual as heck (to clarify, a-okay with pots or pans).

Currently writing indie-ish ballads with her guitar and available keys, she’s attempting not to be a couch potato while learning 3 languages at once. She hopes she doesn’t crash and burn in the process. She got involved in InsideOUT as she knows first hand how scary being rejected and outcast is whether it’s from family, friends, school or the general public. She wants to help others discover their own mana in order to stand up and truly be themselves no matter where they are.


James Mamea-Crawford

James is a last year high school student with plans to study Medicine at Otago University in early 2018 in hopes of becoming a doctor further down in life’s road. He enjoys learning about the human anatomy in biology whilst also having a love for design. James connected with InsideOUT on many of the various activities and event organised and hosted by InsideOUT to help him meet new people. He identifies as gay and has been out for 4 years. Reasons behind volunteering with InsideOUT is his passion to help others and he sees this volunteering opportunity is a way to gives others the joy and eduction InsideOUT has given him to others of the LGBTQ community.


Tallulah Cardno

Tallulah identifies as a gay woman who has a passion for gender equality and making the world a better place. She has a degree in Cultural Anthropology and International Relations and through learning it at university, knows NZSL. She is beginning a career in working with young people and children in a variety of ways, primarily through life-skills workshops. In her small amount of spare time she bakes vegan deliciousness, learns to play the mandolin, hangs out with her bearded dragon, and brainstorms things she can do to support young people. She is a self-professed cynical optimist who wants the world to be peaceful and happy.

James Russell

James is an 18-year-old dude from Wellington, who has identified as queer for the past four years. He’s enthusiastic about getting involved with the queer community and hopes to help support and empower them in as many ways as possible during his time with InsideOUT! James is currently taking a gap year, but hopes to study towards becoming a librarian in the future; his other interests include animated films, video games, sociolinguistics and Star Wars.

dp alfie

Alfred Van de Wiel

Alfie a 24 year old dude who has moved back to Wellington after three years of working in the film industry in Melbourne, Australia. He is now back in Wellington to plan an epic bike ride from Bluff to Cape Reinga to raise awareness for LGBTI+ youth and spread resources that some communities might not have access to. Alfie hopes that his project will help queer youth throughout NZ.



Hann is a trans non-binary person with a love for all things divine. They grew up in Otautahi but have lived all over the place since. They graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Arts and an unfinished law degree. Always aiming to disrupt hegemonic systems of power with a politics of care, Hann sees InsideOUT as a pivotal organisation for empowering queer youth in Aotearoa.