Jaye Barclay


Jaye is a takatāpui person who is studying towards a conjoint BA/BSc in ecology and biodiversity, marine biology, and English literature minoring in Māori studies. They are third year and ope to be fluent in te reo by the end of their degree. They’re passionate about social issues such as feminism, racial equality, conservation and climate change, they also like to draw, read, cook/bake and play video games. Jaye has been involved with InsideOUT since the beginning of 2016 first as a volunteer, then as a trustee. They are excited and enthused to continue their work with InsideOUT and to give back to a community that has given them so much love and support over the years.



Alex Ker


Alex has been volunteering with InsideOUT since 2014, when he got involved with the Day of Silence campaign in his final year of high school. He loves being part of the InsideOUT community and thoroughly enjoys working with dedicated, like-minded people. He is currently studying Sociology and Gender and Sexuality Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, and is committed to creating better access to trans-affirmative healthcare. Alex enjoys reading, trail running, and hopes to one day walk the Te Araroa trail – the length of Aotearoa. 

Photo of Amber

Amber Bohanna


Amber is a trans woman studying towards a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science at Victoria University, she is passionate about te ao Māori and abstract mathematics, and would happily bore you to death recounting her favourite proofs. She spends a lot of her time programming, reading or playing video games. Amber is particularly interested in socialist, feminist and postmodern criticisms of society. She’s excited to work with the rest of the InsideOUT board, facilitating their work through sage financial advice.

Photo of Rose

Rose Melchers


Rose (she/her) is a queer medical student who has nearly finished her studies at the
University of Otago Wellington. She is also working towards a PhD in neuroscience, which
she promises will be finished soon! She is passionate about the health and mental health of
queer young people and her goal is to improve these areas both on an individual and a
political level. In her spare time Rose enjoys cooking, baking and eating, and occasionally
going for a run! As one of the new members of InsideOUT in 2019, Rose is excited to get
involved and help out with policy, activism and volunteering.


Rebekha Senanayake


Rebekah “Bek” (she/her) is a cis queer woman who has recently completed her BSc in Psychology and Anthropology at Victoria University. Passionate about health and wellbeing, she is interested in mental health experiences within the queer community and how cultural backgrounds can intersect with queer identities, and vice versa. She advocates for more queer and culturally centered research in order to develop more sensitive and appropriate health models. In her spare time you can find her reading at the beach, desperately attempting to revive her houseplants or travelling. She is excited to work with InsideOUT and improve the health experiences of queer youth in Aotearoa.

Photo of Brock

Brock Stobbs


Brock (he/him) is queer and currently studying towards a BA(Hons) in Political Science at Victoria University of Wellington. His focuses have been on a range of topics from local body government to areas like education and health. He also has a passion for social justice and has become involved in work dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of rainbow youth, particularly in the tertiary sector. With this, he is keen to contribute to the amazing work of InsideOUT as a member of the board. He hopes to get stuck into any work he can!

Photo of Juliette

Juliette Clarke


Juliette (she/her) a queer woman studying law and politics. In particular, she is passionate about tackling climate change as well as reducing inequality and discrimination in New Zealand. She is very excited about being part of InsideOUT’s work providing much-needed support to young rainbow youth in Aotearoa. She spent most of her childhood in Singapore and the Netherlands, which has led to her wanting to travel and live abroad in the future. In her spare time, she enjoys spoiling her cat, painting, sewing, and binging TV shows.


Stella Ivory


Stella (she/her) is a queer cis Pākehā from the Coromandel Peninsula who is into unsettling norms in Aotearoa, from the individual to the institutional. She’s worked for a range of organisations around the world, and is excited to bring this experience to her role as a Board Member with InsideOUT. Stella is researching IPV within the Rainbow community, and volunteers in this space. Her work in policy aspires to an Aotearoa that is inclusive for everyone, and particularly Rainbow young people. In her spare time, she’s probably laughing, drinking coffee, at the beach, having a deep yarn, and often all at once.


Amanda Hill

Executive Advisor

Amanda (she/her) is a lawyer at Cooper Legal, a small human rights law firm in Wellington. She has practiced law in a range of areas for the last 13 years. Amanda has governance experience with student-led organisations, political organisations and not-for-profit incorporated societies and trusts.  Many of those organisations advocated for the rainbow community. Amanda was heavily involved in the campaign for civil unions and was also involved in the marriage equality campaign. Amanda is committed to making sure youth, however they identify, understand that they have a place in the world and that they have the right to live with dignity. 


Karen Harris

Executive Advisor

Karen (she/her) has been working in Education for 20 years as a teacher and Educational Psychologist. She is committed to supporting schools and education to being more inclusive of children and young people however they identify. She has also been involved in developing preventing bullying resources for schools in the UK and New Zealand. 

Karen has been involved in other Wellington queer organisations and in the past has co-chaired Wellington Pride and is a regular presenter on the Lesbian Radio Show. 

In her spare time Karen attempts the odd triathlon..enjoys radio presenting  and is great at drinking prosecco. 

Photo of Julia and her child

Julia de Bres

Executive Advisor

Julia (she/her) is a linguistics lecturer at Massey University in Wellington. Her research focuses on how language is used in the reproduction of inequality and how social minorities resist imbalances of power.  Julia’s interest in minority issues derives from her own experiences as a person with an invisible disability.  She came out as bi only recently and, with the arrival of a gender diverse child, the whole family just got a lot more rainbow.  Julia is passionate about making communities safer for rainbow children and young people and believes fostering inclusion and diversity has benefits for everyone.