Jaye Barclay


Jaye is a bisexual non-binary person who strongly identifies as takatāpui as well. Jaye is first year Ecology and Biodiversity, Marine Biology, English Literature, and minoring in Māori studies, and they hope to be fluent in Te reo Māori by the end of their undergraduate degree. They like to read, write, and draw, and they also enjoy having discussions about racism, gender, sexuality and feminism, which they are very passionate about. Jaye has been involved with volunteering at InsideOUT since the beginning of 2016, and they are super excited to get more involved with the organisation- especially with the education programme in high schools.



Melissa Gibson


Melissa is a bisexual cisgender woman who currently works in administration, having worked in the hospitality industry prior to this. She is a local government enthusiast, animal lover, and coffee addict. She is also a sister to four siblings, which was instrumental in developing her diplomacy skills growing up. Melissa is learning New Zealand Sign Language through evening classes. Eliminating the harmful myths of bisexuality and improving the mental health of her young rainbow whānau are Melissa’s priorities.


Kate Aschoff


Kate is a young and passionate student majoring in Sociology and minoring in Theatre at Victoria University. They are a writer, actor, poet and keen to do their part for the community. Social justice, equity and equality are all very important to Kate and they wish to promote these ideas during their time at InsideOUT.


Adrian Renor


Adrian is a 5″1, chronically ill, pansexual trans guy who lives in Wellington. Until going to university, Adrian lived in the Wairarapa, and before that, on a farm outside of Upper Hutt.

Adrian has recently completed his Circus and Dance degree, and performs a handful of different skills and art forms regularly in various Wellington shows.

Adrian has also won the title of Mr Gay Wellington 2016, which he hopes will allow him to extend a hand to help the lgbtqia+ community, and help make a safer place for people of all identities.

Adrian uses both He and They pronouns.


Alex Ker


Alex identifies as an asexual transgender guy who likes books, animal and human rights activism and is currently at Victoria University studying sociology. He first got involved with InsideOUT through campaigning for the Day of Silence in 2014, and helped film Shift Hui. Now Alex leads the InsideOUT Radio Show! While at high school he co-founded Club Sandwich, Onslow’s QSA and spoke openly about his identity through devised theatre and music composition in an effort to humanise gender diversity.

Bronwyn Haines

Bronwyn Haines

Executive Advisor

Bronwyn is a queer feminist with a disability. Her roles include activist, auntie, artist, thinker, writer and homemaker. She cares a lot about social justice and wants everybody to have access to the same opportunities in life regardless of their gender, sexuality, race, religion or ability. Her professional background is in human resources, government services and conflict resolution. Bronwyn is a consumer representative for disability and mental health services across the Wellington district health boards. She is also involved with the Wellington Timebank, where she helps to weave generosity and sustainability into daily life. She thinks communities are really important and that capitalism isn’t the answer to all of our problems. Her favourite things are food, books, crafts, television, peppermint tea and cats.


Joanna Tarleton

Executive Advisor

 Joanna is a queer mum to two young boys and works as an ICT Contractor promoting great service by design. She is an advocate for being part of the change you want to see. InsideOUT allows Jo to continue her passion for voluntary work and mentoring.

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Jay identifies as genderqueer and transgender and is studying their Masters of Science. They want to be able to help support queer youth in Aotearoa by being an openly queer IT professional to help raise other peoples awareness of queer issues (whether work, family or school/uni). They are a keen reader of more than just IT stuff and enjoy reading feminist books and writings on gender as well as being a casual gamer. They hope to be able to also to help educate people about gender and sexuality whether queer or not.